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Road trips and errands around town are more fun for your passengers with a mobile video entertainment system installed at SoundTronics. We thoughtfully provide you a range of options that preserve the safety of your passengers and your focus on the road, as well as the integrity of the original vehicle functionality. Your rear seat passengers will never again need to ask “are we there yet?” You’ll have all the focus on the road you need to get them there safely.

Headrest Replacement Video Screens

Our most popular rear seat video entertainment option is replacement headrest LCD screens. These are vehicle-specific headrests that have factory matched upholstery (fabric, vinyl or leather) and install in the same way as your existing headrests. As these NHTSA safety-compliant replacement headrests are factory matched and include a built in video screen, this is a great solution for vehicles where you may wish to remove the rear seat entertainment system and return the vehicle to stock condition (leased or company-owned vehicles in particular).Depending on the system configuration you select, you can have each screen independently display a video source from the car’s DVD player, a portable media player using a video input or storage drives (such as USB thumb drives or SD cards). Some of our solutions even have built-in DVD and media players right in the headrest monitor. Audio from the source can be played through the car’s existing sound system, through wireless headphones or both. It’s really up to your individual goals and what works best with your vehicle and passenger preferences.

Overhead Video Screen Console

Where larger screens are the goal to provide wide-angle viewing to many passengers, an overhead ‘flip down’ video screen console may be the ideal choice for you. These are popular in SUVs and multi-passenger vehicles like minivans. SoundTronics provides expert installation of these overhead video screens so that the attachment and mounting points are securely fastened to have the same integrity as if it were factory-installed. We can even color match the console housing to match your vehicle’s interior color to further integrate your rear seat entertainment system. Many of our overhead console screens also include an on-board DVD player with additional inputs for USB/SD media cards or an external device, such as a video game console or tablet. Like our headrest systems, audio can be connected to the vehicle’s existing sound system, through wireless headphones or both.

Factory Rear Seat Entertainment Integration

If your vehicle already has a factory-optioned rear seat entertainment system and we are installing a new in-dash multimedia stereo for you, ask us about how we can interface into the factory screens to provide output from the multimedia stereo (DVD, stored movies, navigation maps, etc.) to display on the rear seat entertainment system. This is yet another way SoundTronics provides you with upgrades that expand upon your vehicle’s existing electronics.

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